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Custom Complete Face-Off (Stay-On) Stick with Alloy Shaft


 SAVE $55!

Lacrosse Fanatic has put together two awesome youth level face-off sticks that are perfect for players who face-off and then stay on the field. 

Teams and Clubs should consider stocking up on these, so players don't damage their personal sticks while playing the face-off position. 

These custom strung complete sticks are built with Major Brand Name components. You'll get a face-off head (ready for the player who stays on at mid-field), an alloy shaft (or upgrade to a killer composite shaft for $10 more!), white Hero mesh and all white strings. 

Our pro player Mikie Schlosser says this head has a good all-around face-shape and is a solid choice for all players.

We can't advertise the specific parts, because we've marked these down so low.