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STX Crux 600 Custom Strung Complete Womens Lacrosse Stick- Elite Lacrosse Fanatic Original

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STX Crux 600 Custom Strung Complete Stick-Elite Lacrosse Fanatic Original is awesome.  We started with the STX Crux 600 attack head ($149.99) and have custom strung this with StringKing Type 4 mesh ($24.99).  Plus for a limited time we are throwing in a FREE Composite Attack Shaft!

  • Crux 600 unstrung lacrosse head is one of the best heads in the women's game today.  This was made exclusively for the elite attacker.
  • StringKing Type 4 women's mesh is awesome.  This is one of the best mesh pieces in the women's game today.  Multiple weaves in the mesh ensure better feel and ball control over other women's meshes.
  • FREE composite 7/8 shaft.  These brand name shafts are remaining nameless so that we can pass on the best deal possible to you.  If your elite player, you will not be disappointed with this shaft.

Full details:

Here at Lacrosse Fanatic, we aim to provide the best set up for the elite offensive lacrosse player. For a limited time, we are combing a Lacrosse Fanatic Elite Strung STX Crux 600 with a composite attack shaft.The STX Crux 600 Head is the highest level attack head that STX produces. The Crux 600 features a minimized sidewall design that drives the ball to the sweet spot for maximum control and hold.  This elite head is strung with StringKing Type 4 Mesh, providing more feel when cradling and a quicker release for passing and shooting. The Speed Scoop design provides top string protection, while also allowing your advanced player to scoop up the ball quicker, with less drag. All of this is wrapped into STX's signature 10 degree design.  

All Lacrosse Fanatic strung heads are always handled with extreme care and with the players in mind. We guarantee our string jobs are elite and will meet all the needs that you require. This custom strung head is equipped with StringKing Type 4 Mesh (White, Yellow, Black), and matching sidewall and shooters (White, Yellow, Black). 

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