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Lax Fan Custom Complete Women's Lacrosse Stick - Gait Whip and True Comp 4.0 with Venom Runner

Lacrosse Fanatic has paired up two great products to make a fantastic custom complete women's stick. We started with a Gait Whip head and added a True Comp 4.0 Shaft. Then we custom strung it with an ECD Venom Runner.  Not only does this complete stick looks great, it feels amazing as well. 

Gait Whip Women's Lacrosse Head:

• Unrivaled front pocket for peak performance
• Ultimate scoop design for accuracy and ground ball pickups
• Double sidewall technology creates a super narrow channel
• The new stringing hole concept gives a large front pocket

ECD Venom Mesh Runner:

ECD Venom Women's Lacrosse Mesh Runner was developed to bring the same game changing enhancements to the women's game that over the years ECD has brought to the guys.

The revolutionary Venom Mesh Runner is designed to create game changing moments - the kind of moments that become legendary. They started this with the design.  The tapered mesh design creates a high sweet spot and a softer pocket that provides hold to the ball giving you a more responsive feel and insane control.

  • Natural Sweet Spot
  • Lightweight Feel
  • Responsive Control
  • Weatherproof Performance

TRUE Lynx Comp 4.0 Womens Lacrosse Shaft:

  • Lighter & stronger than traditional composites, delivering the ultimate in feel and performance.
  • Optimized shaft flex for better shot speed and accuracy.
  • Soft touch grip for an athletic grip that stays warm in cold weather and won’t get slick in the rain.
  • 7/8” diameter transitions up to full 1 inch eliminating need for adapter
  • 156g