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Alpha Ascension Lax Fan Fade Dyed Men's Lacrosse Head


Lacrosse Fanatic Custom Dyed these Alpha Ascension heads in a classic fade design. 

The Alpha Ascension Head was designed for true attackers and offensive-minded midfielders, who like to push the pace of play. The narrow face shape provides better ball control while dodging. The head shape allows for a lower pocket leading to a quicker release when you’re both passing and shooting. The lower pocket also defines the shooting channel better, giving your shot a little more whip. 

  • Narrow face shape provides better ball control while dodging.
  • Low pocket for a quick release when passing and shooting.
  • 20 Sidewall holes allow for endless stringing options.
  • Signature Alpha bottom string included.
  • Industry Leading 12 Month Warranty

Weight: 5.1 oz.


What the Lax Fan Staff have to say:

The Ascension Head most closely resembles the Maverik Kinetik.  This is a awesome head at a killer price.  This head can be used at any level of play.