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Complete Lacrosse Stick True Comp LZ 6.0 with a Custom Strung True Universal Head

This custom complete lacrosse stick combines the True Comp LZ 6.0 Attack shaft (grey) with a custom strung True Universal head (white).  This setup is sick.  We put both of these popular products together to give you an awesome combination.  This is the perfect set up for middie or attack.You won't be disappointed with this custom! And since it is limited edition and custom made by us, the quantity is limited.

True Comp LZ 6.0 Attack Lacrosse Shaft:

The True COMP LZ 6.0 Attack Lacrosse Shaft  is the ultimate attack handle, created with wall thickness and material placement that maximizes speed, while keeping the ball on target. The COMP 6.0 incorporates T800 fiber, 20% stronger than standard carbon fiber and a 2X2 twill carbon at the head for stability.

  • Specifically positioned to maximize whip, ball speed, and accuracy
  • Multiple flex zones which provide superior feel and accuracy while passing and unmatched speed when shooting
  • With SmartFlex technology, you can control where, when and how a handle flexes, delivering the right snap, control, feel and accuracy for every style of play.
  • Composite material

          True Universal Head:

          The True Frequency line of lacrosse heads features triangle shaped side wall rails which reduce weight and increase strength. The Universal version is versatile for any field position while also being Universal in that it is legal for all levels of play.

          • Bottom rail mid/high transition point
          • Multiple stringing holes of varying sizes, shapes and placement for pocket customization
          • Triangle geometry ensures optimal strength and stiffness while giving a real feel for the ball
          • Fine-tuned sidewall and scoop angles for perfect pocket placement 

                What the Lacrosse Fanatic staff have to say:

                This custom stick is the perfect combination for someone who wants a truly unique stick at a great price. This complete was assembled and custom strung by our staff of Pro Lacrosse, Division 1, and High School players and coaches, who are insanely skilled in stringing and restringing heads. We have come up with what we think is the most effective way to string up your pocket, you won't be disappointed with this custom! This is a great setup for middie or attack.