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Buy an Unstrung Lacrosse Head, get a FREE Head, Shaft, Complete Stick, Mesh, Cleats, Pads, etc with your order, depending on which Mystery Box # you select!!

Just select which head you want to purchase, and we will throw in the FREE Mystery Item when we ship out your order! Here are this week's Unstrung Head Options:

Maverik Kinetik - White

The Maverik Kinetik Head is for the power player who isn’t afraid to take the outside shot. Designed for velocity and accuracy when the game is on the line. The Kinetic has a level 4 bottom rail which is designed for a mid-high pocket delivering added power and consistent hold. 

  • Defined shooting channel for increased accuracy
  • Increased control with added hold and has extreme energy transfer when shooting
  • Increased stiffness and consistency in all weather conditions
  • Multiple stringing holes for custom pocket options

STX Ultra Power - Black

The STX Ultra Power Lacrosse Head was designed for the intermediate to advanced player. With higher ground ball retention, and increased shooting speed and consistency, attack and midfielders will instantly feel how easy it is to control their game with this head.

  • Revolutionary Power Ramp™ geometry (patent pending) improves shot speed and consistency for the elite offensive player
  • Deep offset for unsurpassed ball retention and feel
  • EnduraForm™ – an advanced proprietary formulation for improved toughness in a wider array of temperatures
  • Speed Scoop™ design enhances ground ball play by minimizing drag for quick scooping
  • Channel Lock™ stringing system for advanced control of the pocket shape

ECD Mirage - Grey

The ECD Mirage head has a narrow face shape and aggressive flare, this allows you to perfectly control the tension of your pocket for a smooth, consistent channel. Specifically designed to build a perfect pocket, making the Mirage perfect for the elite offensive player. 

  • Lightweight and strong head perfect for fast shots, hard passes and supreme control 
  • Durable enough to withstand the abuse and ferocity of the modern game 
  • 18 sidewall holes

Maverik Havok - White

The Maverik Havok Unstrung Lacrosse Head is perfect for the aggressive defenseman who wants to be a threat offensively as well. The name speaks for itself, if you want to wreak Havok on the field, this head will let you shoot faster, pass more accurately, and play harder than any other head out there. An aggressive scoop, control, accuracy, ground ball control, and insanely fast shots. You're missing out if you don't add this head to your gear for the 2019 season.

  • Level 4 Bottom Rail: Designed for a Mid-High Pocket delivering added power and consistent hold
  • XRail Technology: Engineered to distribute the stress to the opposite rail creating a lightweight and stiff design
  • Duratough Material:  increases stiffness and provides consistency in all weather conditions
  • Ground Control: engineered scoop angle designed specifically to scoop ground balls with ease

StringKing Mark 2V - White

The STRINGKING Mark 2V Midfield Lacrosse Head delivers a balance of strength, control and accuracy to the midfielder or all-around player. Stiffest head in its weight class, and ideal for custom stringing and ground ball pick up!

  • 29 stringing holes on each sidewall allow for unrivaled customization and fine-tuning.
  • Incredibly strong, light and stiff head 
  • aggressively angled scoop acts like a funnel, letting you attack the ball from any direction.

  • No Head Rattle: The lightweight bolt included with the Mark 2V goes through the front and back of our Metal 2 shafts, locking the head from both ends to stop head rattle.