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Adrenaline Strife 2.0 Technical Shooter Lacrosse Shirt

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The Strife 2.0 Technical Shooter was developed and tested by Adrenaline's Athlete team who put it through a rigorous yearlong beatdown. With an industry standout ultra-light cotton feel this fabric is designed for moisture and heat management. The thin soft cotton feel and finished look give it the uniquely Adrenaline ability to perfectly transition to on off field item.
  • Semi-loose modern ergonomic cut with zero limitations on movement while mindful of off field casual wear avoiding overly baggy looks.
  • Modern cut provides a proper fit for today's athlete.
  • 100% 4-way stretch polyester fleece, brushed inner for unmatched Adrenaline comfort.
  • 275g moisture wicking.
  • Adrenaline Elastaprene liner provides the neck a soft and secure fit while cooling body temperature.
  • Vendetta Beast-H performance poly base provides comfort and environmental temperature management.
  • Vendetta Mesh underarm inserts provide the proper ventilation during rigorous activities to keep the body at comfortable temperature.
  • Triple military stitching for durability.