ECD Carbon 2.0 Attack/Middie Men's Lacrosse Shaft

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The ECD Carbon 2.0 Attack/Middie Men's Lacrosse Shaft is new and it is straight fire. With a new paint job, refined texture, and optimized shape, these shafts are cleaner than the clean. The texture feels slightly sandy, giving you control and feel in your hands. The updated, simple graphics on the shaft make them look neat and sick in our opinion. The shape is a slightly tweaked concave shape, making the Carbon 2.0 more stable than it's previous model, and the Flex 5 is just the right amount of flex for the aggressive attacker to rip shots on cage. 

We are big fans of this shaft here at Lacrosse Fanatic.

  • Flex5 on 10-point scale
  • Uniform Kick-point
  • 30"
  • Weighs ≈ 154 g



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